Tehran International Book Fair

1st Virtual Edition

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Tehran International Book Fair is a large annual book fair. Its first edition was held in 1988 and was staged with 16 thousands titles of book on show. The cultural event has turned into a landmark, momentous book fair in the Middle East and Asia after 32 editions in a row.

Millions of visitors inspect the fair every year, including thousands of university students, scholars and their families. The event currently serves as the most significant cultural event in Iran.

This year due to coronavirus pandemic and the increasing number of cases all around the world, we have decided to go virtual for the first time from 20-25 January 2021. The ultimate goal of the first virtual edition of Tehran International Book Fair like its physical edition is to expand book reading and to enhance Iran's publishing industry.


Number of publishers at hand and country of origin

Average 2500 domestic and 550 foreign exhibitors participate in the landmark event. The foreign publishers substantially offer their materials in English or Arabic. However, titles in French, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also available.
Publishers participating in the 32nd edition of the book fair in May 2019 represented 30 countries. The fairground was 130,000 square meters in area and the event ran for 11 days.


Panel discussions and other cultural programs

Hundreds of cultural programs are carried out during the term of the landmark TIBF event as sidelines activities, including book review sessions, face-to-face meetings with Iranian authors, lecture sessions, and writing workshops. In the latest edition of the TIBF event over 250 sessions of the kind were staged in a centre in the fairground called House of Authors.

At the virtual edition of Tehran International Book Fair, we are going to have a series of professional meetings and events. 


Number of visitors

Over Four million people visited the 32nd edition of the TIBF which held in APR. 24- MAY.4/ 2019 out of which estimated one million people visited the halls dedicated to foreign publications.


Guest of Honor

Afghanistan, Oman, Russia, Italy, Serbia, China were the guest of honour in the TIBF from 2014 to 2019. In addition, Turkey will be the guest of honour in TIBF 2021.


Global Book Market

Calling for publishers, institutes, publishing associations, authors, literary agents and scouts to participate in the Global Book Market of the First Tehran Virtual International Book Fair to be held virtually by Iran Cultural Fairs Institute in 2021.

The Global Book Market is designed to promote the potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s publishing industry and expand its cultural exchanges. Depicting the capabilities of Iran’s publishing industry to foreign publishers will pave a path to establish professional relationships between local and foreign publishers. The Global Book Market can enable a platform to examine the challenges of Iran’s publishing industry in the international book market and provides a basis for possible solutions.


Direct book sale

All books are up for grab through direct sales during the event. In the TIBF event last year, over 1.3 trillion Rails (nearly $39 million) worth of books were sold.


Number of titles on show

More than 137,000 foreign titles (104,000 Latin language and 33,000 titles Arabic language) and 300,000 domestic titles were shown.



If necessary help for Virtual TIBF - Hall of Countries, Embassies, Global Book Market & International Institutions, please call the following numbers:

Tel: +98-2166415540

Fax: +98-2166415498

Email: international[at]tibf.ir

If necessary help for The Virtual TIBF Latin and other languages exhibition venues and Arab Publishers, please call the following numbers:

Tel: +98- 2191009898 (Latin & Arab  Publisher)    

Email: anjomannasheran[at]gmail.com